UsenetServer discount

UsenetServer is one of the best Usenet providers worldwide. Retention is very high, prices are low and they offer many great extra’s.

UsenetServer a tier one provider

usenetserver discount

To start with here are some major characteristics of what UsenetServer is based on and made up of:

  • Existing server farms in the Netherlands, Germany and areas in Europe and the United States.
  • Price for service: 14.95 dollars for monthly service OR 95.40 dollars for yearly service.
  • Maximum possible connections: 20
  • US-based offices
  • Download speed: 1GB/sec
  • Uncapped download quantity
  • I shared accounts.

Other than this, for free Usenet services, there is an option for 14 days free Usenet trial where you can use the UsenetServer and have a free UsenetServer trial with an upper cap of 10GB total transfer.

Here we can observe the simplicity of the functionality offered by UsenetServer. It is powerful but also straightforward and comprehensive.

If you want a reason why you should go for this solution over others, here we will provide you with several. Listed below are several benefits of the solution which makes it a powerful tool.

Some of the pros of UsenetServer are:

  • The first major advantage is its price. If anyone wants to get access to Usenet economically and save a few bucks then UsenetServer is the best choice for them. The price breaks down to a bargain amount of 7.95 dollars every month if you opt for the yearly package. (Total 95.40 dollars)
  • This solution is not the same as having reseller access. The constraints of having only reseller access is removed here as it provides direct tier 1 access. What this means to its clients is that as soon as linking is finished to their specific connections they have the deepest access to their mainframes which consists of powerful server farms present in areas of Europe and some parts of the North America newsfeed.
  • The search engine used by this solution belongs to the NZB type. Global search being an NZB engine is quite like that of the Binsearch. This makes it an excellent search engine which provides immediate and efficient results. It allows the clients to search across a wide band gap of newsgroups and perform actions like creating NZBs and downloading and accessing them with Newsreaders.
  • One of the most important and valued features is a free VPN. This provides users much more autonomy and dual network control as they can access outer networks while working on Usenet simultaneously. Here, it can also be used for torrenting using programs and software like VUZE.

high completion and great retention

This solution is an economic one with high-quality access to the Usenet. It has a high completion and retention rate. Completion is aided more using a combination of NZB engines and the powerful UsenetServer.

With recent practices, there has been a rise of more and more changed file names which serve the function of hiding the details of the files from the accessor. For obfuscated files like these, a combination of NZB files and search engines are required to access the right ones. In the present date, the usage of these complicated files evidently have slowly reduced download errors to the point where it is exceptionally unusual on the Usenet. The chances that you have of better completion is very high if you use the Stealth version of Usenet which is an excellent service.

This solution also offers the best retention in the market. The limit of retention is more than anything else can provide.

Download speed of UsenetServer

There are 3 servers present which using UsenetServer will allow you to access the maximum bandwidth possible for you. The locations of these serves are tactically presented to ensure the best use and benefits.

We have also tested the UsenetServer via the new age Hyperoptic Connection which tests it for the fastest-speed probably obtainable in the United Kingdom. These Speeds were tested and found to be exceptional as well and we have observed that it is possible to consistently be able to download binaries at a high speed of 800Mbps.

Usenet Access for a low price(Across USA & Europe)

The deals of the Usenet Server are very good and the two special plans are very much cost effective for anyone. Economically, $14.95 per month and $95.40 per year, which comes down to as low as $7.95 for each month only.

Usenetserver plans

usenetserver trialIn comparison with its competitors, it is way ahead of the Newsgroup offer. To convince you and prove it to you, they offer a free trial of 10GB for 14 days. This free trial offer is extremely valuable as it puts together all the powerful uses in the most accessible manner. Any Credit Cards or PayPal is required for sign-up but no charge shall be cut and you are free to cancel anytime you want to. This is the reason why it has reached a high level of popularity amongst users.

‘UNS Global Search’ called by NBZ search

One good feature of the Usenet Server is the feature of a global search. It is an extremely powerful feature that is exclusive to this solution. It allows you to efficiently conduct a search through all the essential newsgroup (binary) which match their keyword. These actions are unique and give the product some greater success than its competitors.

They then generate their own NZB file for download so that you can access the binary files by downloading it. With this feature, you will also be able to narrow down the result or sort it by the age of the post, the date of the post and the poster name. This search feature is available to all the Usenet Server users. Hence, all the users have an advantage over others. Since this isn’t provided by their competitors, it is a serious pro over the rest of the products that are produced or offered in the market.


Usenet access is given by the Usenet Servers at a very economical price which is very competitive in this ever growing market. The completion rates of Usenet are really recommendable and very high compared to others of similar types. There is specifically no need to download anything extra for any purpose. It has been observed that you will be able to use the various inbuilt binary downloaders like NZBGet or SABnzbd.

Normally, SABnzbd is preferred as it is free to use and setup. It is also inbuilt into many browsers. If someone still wants to utilize the features of the newsreader along with the UsenetServer, you need to change your server hostname with the SSL ports like 8080 or 443 and 563.

The ports (Non-SSL) are 8000, 25, 20, 9000, 23, 7000, 3128, 119.The UsenetServer, without any doubt, is surely quite popular with many automation apps of Usenet like Sonarr or CouchPotato. Auto downloads are very helpful and popular among the users.