Usenet and Torrents

Well, it is quite a tough choice to choose between Usenet and torrents since both of them have their own pros and cons. So which one to choose? Here we will explain how each of them works and how both the ways of downloading can benefit you. In the end, we will be telling you which are the best according to us.

What do you need in terms of Downloading?

You can download both Usenet files and torrents but whatever Usenet or torrent website you choose there are certain factors that need to be considered. Firstly it’s preferred to be able to download files at a high speed.

Also, it’s important that there a large number of downloads that are available. To get these files you have to access a large database with a diverse variety of movies, songs, and series. This will help you to find such files that you are looking for.

Another thing to consider are security issues. For comparison, we consider what security issues you might have while downloading files from torrent sites or Usenet newsgroups. Also, we will include the cost and convenience of both methods. Finally, we will determine which way will work best for you.

What is Usenet?

It is an open forum that consists of a collection of newsgroups. Previously academics used to asks questions and exchange information through Usenet newsgroups. In the past Usenet was mostly used to share written text, but now you can also share files & media through it. Basically, sharing binary files got easier with Usenet during the last two decades. Though academics mostly used newsgroups for exchanging spreadsheet and articles, it further became popular for sharing movies, songs and series. Today Usenet is mostly popular for sharing files.

How to download via Usenet?

  • Connection with Usenet Service Provider
  • Usenet client (a newsreader)
  • A way to search for files. With an NZB search engine for example.

Most of the Usenet providers allowing downloading through a secured connection, SSL.

Advantages of Usenet

While choosing between Usenet and torrents you should closely consider the advantages offered by both. Usenet is pretty anonymous due to the secure SSL connection. Though Usenet was not actually developed for encouraging downloading, yet some users actually use Usenet since the secure SSL connection does not allow copyright organizations to trace them. Plus the download speed of Usenet is quite high. You will be able to download unlimited songs, movies, series, eBooks, games, and whatnot. The Usenet library is enormous. The secure connection gets you free from copyright claims. Here are the summarized advantages:

  • Extremely high downloading speed.
  • Secured SSL connection.
  • Huge unlimited selection of files to choose from.

Disadvantages of Usenet

Basically, there are limitations of Usenet that can be termed as disadvantages.

  • Firstly you will have to pay for a subscription to use the Usenet provider. The subscription may cost on between eight dollars to fifteen dollars per month. Yet the good part is you have no data limits and you are getting high downloading speed.
  • For some people, Usenet is a bit complicated to use. For beginners, Usenet is difficult to use as you need to configure some software. You can check our ‘how to download tutorial to use it efficiently.

How do torrents work?

torrents usenetNext, we have torrents. So what are torrents and how they work actually? Torrents involve peer-to-peer exchange. This means that users of torrents exchange files among themselves that is a user can exchange his files with all other users. Through the network, you can actually download files directly from the computer of another torrent user. In such a case you’re the downloader and they are the uploader. This whole thing works vice versa. Other users can also download files directly from your computer.

Here’s what you need for downloading via torrent Network

  • A Torrent software in your computer (qBittorrent)
  • A Torrent site (eg, The Pirate Bay)

What are the advantages of torrents?

One of the chief benefits of torrents is they are super easy to use. As soon as you download torrent software you can start using it. And the best part is torrents are free, you do not need to pay for a subscription. Also, popular files such as popular movies and songs can be downloaded quickly since many users are sharing these files.

Here are the summarized advantages of Torrent:

  • Torrent is easy to use.
  • Torrent is absolutely free; you do not need to pay for a subscription.
  • As lots of users are sharing the same files, popular files get downloaded quickly.

Disadvantages of downloading torrents

Torrents also come with few disadvantages:

  • As we told you earlier, there is no secured connection. Therefore external parties can get access to what you are downloading. When you use sites like Pirate Bay, the authorities will be able to follow your moves.
  • Unpopular files are hard to download from torrents sites. If there are no other users who have to own a particular file, you won’t be able to download it. If few people have the file that you are looking for, downloading becomes very slow.
  • As you allow other torrent users to download from your computer, you need to be careful about the contents you are downloading.

Final Verdict: Usenet or Torrent?

Here’s the summary that we got after the comparison between Usenet and Torrent:

  • Download Speed- Usenet wins this category since Usenet allows you to download up to 10 Gbps as you are downloading from a professional network. With torrents, you have to depend on your fellow peers.
  • The number of available files- Here’s a tie between the two. With Usenet, you can only download a file in between 5 to 10 years after they were actually uploaded. Through torrents won’t have to face such issues. But the unpopular files get vanished by seeders.
  • Security- Security wise Usenet wins due to the SSL connection.
  • Cost and convince- In terms of cost and convince torrents loses. You need a VPN to download secure, and a VPN does cost money. If you need a great VPN provider, try IPvanish for free.

Our Verdict: Without being biased our preference is towards Usenet. Though you need to pay for a subscription, in the end you are getting a secured connection with a high end fast download speed.