Tweaknews trial

Tweaknews is a tier-1 Usenet provider from the Netherlands. It is a fast, reliable Usenet server which allows
users to share data and concepts easily and safely across borders. It provides Usenet connection for internet
users at a speed of light. They own their (T1 USP) network which gives them full control over their

tweaknews trial

As a premium Usenet provider, Tweaknews has been in operation since 1998 and it is popularly known for
its solid block accounts. It also has a VPN feature for anonymous and safe browsing experience. In this
review, you’ll get to know if this Usenet provider is worth a newsserver for the users or not.

Tweaknews download speed

One of the major reasons you need to consider when choosing a Usenet provider is the speed. Although most
of the Dutch services cap speed, Tweaknews is different. It provides speed up to 1GB/sec. To be sure there
was no problem with our speed, we tested Tweaknews with Google Fiber connection (the best available
speed) and we were impressed.

The report shows there are no issues with our speed from the result obtained
using 30 connections. While maxing out at 700MB/sec, 50GB was downloaded in less than 10 minutes.
Tweaknews offer the best speed from all tested Usenet providers in Europe. With this provider, speed will
never hold you back.

Getting started

A newsreader is not an option but a necessity. It’s as important as a newsserver is. Tweaknews comes with a
newsreader and can also be integrated with all third-party newsreaders with advanced search features. These
features simplify and improve your browsing experience.

The newsreader is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. So, ensure you download a newsreader that
is compatible with your system type. For example, one of the most popular newsreaders is the free SABnzbd
that gives you access to most big binary files.

Other popular newsreaders are Grabit and NewsBin Pro. They’re excellent newsreaders for beginners with
an easy-to-use interface. All you need to get started is a username, password, and the server name to connect
with. They offer extensive support for its most popular newsreaders: SABnzbd, Grabit, and NewsBin
Pro. This sets them apart from other Usenet providers.

Tweaknews discount

We’re excited to share the Tweaknews discount offer with you. It includes newsreader, VPN and unlimited
Usenet downloads for just €7.50 per month. That’s a price that is not found anywhere else in the market for
unlimited download at a high completion rate.

There are additional discount features that make this provider stand out; the first is the binary retention.
Tweaknews team has growing binary retention of over 2,500 days compared to other European Usenet
Providers hovering around 1,100 days. Another strength of this service is speed. Unlike most Dutch services,
Tweaknews offers several speed options to its users without capping its speed.

Tweaknews trial

tweaknews discountNot sure whether to go with Tweaknews? Sign up for their ’ free trial; it’s one of the best available. It
offers a-10 day free trial with a maximum of 10GB data and a Maximum of 300Mbit/sec download speed.
The free trial also comes with free SSL encryption and free newsreader. Tweaknews is the only Usenet
provider with such amazing features in a free trial account, especially the uncapped speeds and unlimited

Pricing Package

You can choose from the following flexible plans offered by Tweaknews. These include:

Flat Rate Subscription Plan
Flat rate options come in one, three, six, and twelve months subscription plan. These options offer users
unlimited usage and downloads. The least expensive of the options is the one-month basic plan at €2,50 per
month. And the most expensive of the plan is the one-year ultimate plan which comes at €108,78 per annum.

Block Accounts Subscription Plan
Block subscription offer users a fixed amount of data to download at 100 Mbits/s maximum speeds. With a
block account subscription, Tweaknews will provide extensive features to meet your needs at an affordable
price. The price range goes from €2,00 to €45,00.

Security and Privacy

The first security option of Tweaknews is the SSL encryption, giving you a secure connection whenever you
download. Next is the VPN service which is available only in the premium packages. The VPN encrypts all
internet traffic and redirects them through the Tweaknews servers. This will hide your IP address from
external parties to help you surf the web anonymously. Tweaknews VPN works in 21 countries and allows
you to connect to 31 servers.

Tweaknews, being a Dutch company has strict privacy laws in regard to the EU jurisdiction. The Dutch
company has been consistently protecting the rights and privacy of their subscribers. The EU legal
protection plus SSL encryption makes Tweaknews exceptionally secure.

Tweaknews retention and completion

Since Tweaknews has passed speed, security, and privacy tests, what’s next? The simple answer is retention
and completion. They’re an important part of Usenet because they’re responsible for the amount of data
stored and the frequency of data access. Tweaknews can host files for a longer period of time better than
other servers. This EU Usenet service provides 2,500 days of binary retention which amounts to almost 7 years of data.

Other providers who claim to retain files for the same length of time were only talking about text files.
While most providers promise a 99.9% completion rate without fulfillment, Tweaknews guarantees a 99.9%
completion rate and delivers accordingly. This was tested on several downloads and a 100% completion rate
was experienced.

Tweaknews Pros

  • Excellent customer service
  • Cheap VPN
  • Free newsreader software
  • Block subscription available

Tweaknews Cons

  • No US servers
  • Charges in Euro only


If you’re looking for one of the topmost European Usenet providers, Tweaknews is worth checking out. It’s legit and delivers in every aspect at an affordable price. It proves to be reputable in term of privacy and dependability; providing solid core features and a reliable VPN.

You may find other providers out there, but not as affordable as Tweaknews’ great features. It offers premium features for free and great plans that are valued for the money.