Setting up a newsreader like SABnzbd

If you use Newshosting as a Usenet provider, you can use Newshosting’s newsreader if you’re new on the service.
You’re not using Newshosting? Then scroll down the page and look at our Power User manual.

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As a new Usenet user, downloading the official client is easy to do. Newshosting offers an easy-to-use newsreader that you can easily download, run, and start using. Go to your account page to download the client and then login with your credentials.

Easy search options with the Newshosting newsreader

newshosting newsreader

Newshosting newsreader interface

Use the “search box” located at the upper right-hand corner to download stuff. Alternatively, you can click-open an NZB file, and Newshosting client will download the data immediately. Keep reading for further explanation on how to locate NZB files.

Using NZB is an easy way to start with Newshosting Usenet provider. But as time goes on, you’ll discover it’s not the ultimate solution for engaged users. While beginners can use it for simple stuff, most of the busy Usenet lovers use either SABnzbd or NZBGet. SABnzbd is our choice, so we’ll discuss it further.

Are You a Power User? Follow the Easy-To-Install Steps Below to Configure Your SABnzbd

SABnzbd installation and configuration

SABnzbd is one of the unrivaled Usenet newsreaders rocking the market today. It’s stable, offer handy features, and integrates with third-party apps. With the rich features of SABnzbd, there’s no point talking about other Usenet apps. You can install SABnzbd on Linux, BSD, Mac, UNIX, and other operating systems running Python application.

Another valuable thing you’ll like about SABnzbd is its lightweight. Over time, we’ve tested quite several Usenet newsreaders, and we find out they’re enormous resource hogs and sloppily coded. Other apps tested could not redline a processor in an idle state, let alone unpacking and downloading files.

CLICK HERE to download and install SABnzbd on your operating system. Then follow the “Click-Next” installation process to run the installer. You need to check the options very well on the screen where you have “Choose Components.” For SABnzbd to work always, you should activate it to run at system startup. You will also like to integrate NZB files to work with the client app.

sabnzbd newsreaderNote: The installation process is more straightforward on Mac OS. Double-Click the installer, and then drag to the application folder.

When the installation completes, your default browser will open a connection which connects to the localhost on port 8080. And here, SABnzbd “Quick Start Wizard” welcomes you. Select your language and click the “Start Wizard” button. Enter your Newshosting details as given below:

  • Host:
  • Username: (your email address)
  • Password: (the password you choose)

By default, SSL is enabled and usually on port 563. This reference ensures you’re on a secure channel. You may also want to activate one or two advanced settings, click on the “Advanced Settings” button to do that.

After you have input all the details, click on the “Test Server” button. Once you verify that it works, click “Finish Installation” and it will take you to the website UI.

Tweaking Normal SABnzbd Options

By using the website UI, you can maximize SABnzbd creativity by occupying it with NZB files. Let’s see other ways to make the process easier.

Setup Your Watched Folder for Fast Downloading

sabnzbd completeIf you’re using your desktop PC to run SABnzbd, you will likely want to set your Watched Folder first. You’ll be sure that SABnzbd picks your NZB file automatically and start download immediately. Go to “Config”> “Folders Option” located at the top. Move Watch Folder to a similar location where your browser is set to download. The name of the folder is usually “Downloads” by default, and you can see it in your root directory.

If you want to run SABnzbd on your network using another PC, you can create a new folder for Watched Folder. You can name the folder NZB file folder and then share it on your system. You may also use Dropbox to sync NZBs easily from your local desktop PC to the Usenet server.

Gaining Access to SABnzbd from another Desktop PC

You may decide to login into your SABnzbd account from another computer. Probably you want to install it on your root server; you’ll need to set it up first. Go to “Settings”> “General Tab” located at the top. Replace your real IP with the default loopback address which the server is understands.

In case your port number conflict with anything, you can change it under the “General Tab.” Also, you can activate HTTPS, though it’s not useful on your PC except you’re on an external server.

Having followed the setup to this level, get some NZB files, and you’re ready to go.

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