NZB search engines

Searching newsgroups with an NZB search engine is difficult. If you would like to search and download with just one program, try Spotnet.

If you already have access to a Usenet provider, you must as well have encountered Usenet clients. The next step ahead is to feed your client with some files of NZB. Most available index sites offer free access but with limited retention. However, to achieve complete access to your NZB file you need to start with a signup segment usually followed by a nominal payment.

Searching with NZB search engines

nzb download usenetThe index can either be hand indexed or raw. The raw indexes are meant to serve as huge searchable databases for all the available files of Usenet. These raw indexes are powerful when it comes to the impact but can be slightly tricky to navigate for the users who are new to the process.

On the other hand, the hand indexed databases are organized into categories which make them easier to use. They also guaranty a good quality index for the users. You should first acknowledge this difference before choosing the best NZB search engine.

The next set of factor that should be considered while choosing your NZB Indexer is retention, API hits for each day, maximum reach for downloads, watchlists, filters, sorting options and previewing.

The following is a list of a few popular NZB Indexers for you to choose from:

Using NZBindex

NZB Index: It is a free site and does not involve the process of registration. This site allows users with advanced options like limiting age, size, groups, and poster. The quality is not up to the mark but can be a good place to start with.

NZB search with Binsearch

nzb search enginesBinsearch: This site does not require any registration or invitation as well. This NZB search engine offers the provision to browse and search for any binary newsgroup of Usenet. It contains a simple structural interface accompanied by a search bar and the option to limit your age. No matter how reliable and fast the site is, the users find it difficult to work with.

NZBfinder register required

NZB Finder: This index needs you to register before proceeding forward with it. In addition, payment is required for anything you download from this site. The positive aspect about this site is that it integrates with the popular power user tools like Radarr, Sonarr, Sickbeard, etc.

NZB Geek registration and payment

NZB Geek: Registration and payment are a mandate for this particular site. This site enables the users to selectively find the appropriate newsgroup out of many without downloading the headers.

For updates about the recent addition of the new sites, you can directly search NZB Indexer.

The goal you are here to achieve is to feed your client and have the downloads progressing. To solve the purpose, visit one of the aforementioned sites to grab one or a few NZB files and chuck them into your Watch Folder.

Let SABnzbd do the work

The SABnzbd will do most of the work by simply getting hold of the NZB files, start with the process of downloading and unpacking the files. Then the files are sorted to be placed in the specific Finished Download directory. This ends the whole struggle. Now that you are equipped with a long enough retention provider along with SABnzbd supported by a good index, you don’t need to worry about waiting around long on a slow BitTorrent download.