Newshosting discount

This is a tier-1 Usenet Provider. Newshosting provides the best possible service available since the Newshosting uses its very own network of Usenet servers. So basically you will get the best service & support. In the United States, Germany or the Netherlands, as a member you will be able to connect newsgroup servers.

newshosting discount

You can expect the highest retention of over three thousand nine hundred days of binaries accessible by this service. For this, you can also use a third party client like the NZB Get or SABnzbd along with the Newshosting client included. The server can be used to search for preview, download, content and repair & unpack all of the downloads. For people who want extra privacy, Newshosting offers VPN for them. Note that SSL is also included in all accounts.

Newshosting Discount

Newshosting comes with 3 different plans. Here I will share some of the exclusive discounts that Newshosting is offering to its visitors, before getting into their retail accounts. You are free to enjoy unlimited access to Usenet at just $8.33 each month where the actual retail price is $14.95. The discount package that I recommend is the $99 per year where you can use both VPN and Usenet at the same time. Therefore you are saving almost fifty-eight percent with VPN coming free completely. Here are the three Usenet plans that Newshosting is offering to the customers:

  • Lite- Ten dollars- 50 GB- 14 days free
  • Unlimited- $14.95- unlimited GB- 14 days free.
  • Powerpack- $19.95- unlimited- 14 days free.

Here’s a tip for you. Don’t get carried away with the no. of connections they offer. Thirty connections will be plenty for you. So you don’t need to go for sixty connections. A 60 Mbps cable line can be easily matched with few connections.

Newshosting Retention & Support

Newshosting has got a large customer base for quite a long time and is one of the best usenet providers worldwide. Back in the year 2009, they were the first Usenet brand that announced plans to upgrade the binary retention. Soon after this Newshosting has raised their retention till three thousand eight hundred days and it continues to grow.

The automated search feature is highly appreciated by the SABnzbd fans. With more and more new features, the Newshosting is getting more and more popularity, leaving behind the other providers. The value and quality of service they provide makes them unique.

Newshosting offers more than three thousand nine hundred days of binary retention & fourteen thousand days text retention among more than one 150.000 newsgroups. Several server farms that are located in Europe and the United States enhance performance & reliability.

The Newshosting user-net provides 24 hours of technical support throughout the week. The website of the provider also has a FAQ section where every detail related to the connections and the service is provided. To help you start using it, they also offer a video tutorial series. Although the updated Newshosting client does not require to go through instructions. Just a User name & Password will get your work done.

The Usenet provider offers high-speed access and a maximum of sixty connections along with the XL PowerPack account. But the NH unlimited account allows only thirty connection. However, thirty connections are plenty enough.

Search and Downloading Speed

newshosting trialNote that Newshosting Usenet provider can be downloaded for free. Just Sign up and get access. It’s easy to search for content and download it with the user interface. We also preview files & look at the thumbnail images. You can also automate search if you wish to look for content on a regular basis to enable the quick download.

The built-in search engine provided by us will help you to search for content. When you will try the Usenet browser you will get to know how easy it is to use it. You can also preview the download and also let the client take care of the downloads. This image shows the search results. We filter the results into an ISO image. You will also be able to filter by video, audio, software, documents or images.

You do not need to enter any news server information while using the Newshosting browser. As the Newshosting client will repair & extract the files you don’t need any 7-Zip, WinRAR or QuickPar. However, some people use SABnzbd to connect. In that case, you need to enter the news server address of the third party newsreader. Here’s what you need to set up:

  • Default NNTP port: 119
  • Alternative SSL port: 443
  • Default SSL port: 563
  • News server address:
  • Alternative NNTP ports: 80

All these are the default configuration options. These will help to find the best server farm that is suited for your respective location. In your Newsreader, you can set multiple news servers. Among them, we recommend the Netherlands server address:, United States news server address: and Germany server address:

Newshosting VPN Client Testing

As mentioned above, Newshosting also comes with VPN service. Either you can add VPN to your respective account or you can even get it for free with the special annual package. All around the world members are accessible to three sixty VPN servers. It also includes free software for Mac and Windows. The good part is you can connect two devices at the same time. Note that Newshosting does not record or monitor your activity in the VPN. Newshosting allows all traffic including P2P and VoIP.

The members with VPN can access servers in twenty different countries. VPN network has servers in locations like Amsterdam, London, Sydney, New York and other important cities in the United States. You can also use Mac and Windows client to connect the VPN servers in Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, France, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, South Korea, UK, US, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


We are using Newshosting for quite a long time and we highly recommend you to you. Service is of high quality and super reliable. Newshosting has earned the 2019 Editors’ Choice award for its advanced features at great pricing. Newshosting is accessible to members with the built-in search & automation feature. The good thing is the client comes free with the service. So Sign up now and get a 58% discount with unlimited VPN and Usenet starting from $8.33/ month.