IPVanish VPN Review

Are you looking for a fast, reliable, secure, and affordable VPN service that works across the globe? IPVanish is the ultimate solution! From affordable pricing plan and money-back guarantee to exceptional tier-1 quality service, IPVanish delivers a remarkable package in the industry.

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IPVanish is a US-based VPN provider that boasts of privacy, speed, and security. It delivers unparallel features that are important for a modern-day VPN. In this review, we want to show you if the abilities of IPVanish can go beyond run-off-the-mill VPN providers.

IPvanish, the best VPN provider?

The world’s best VPN, IPVanish got a whopping 9.7 (out of 10) star rating on Trustpilot, 40,000+ shared IPs, zero traffic logs, 1,320+ P2P-friendly servers in over 60 countries, and 24/7 live chat support.

Moving forward, IPVanish remains the only tier-1 VPN service provider. That means, it owns and manages its servers, which give it more control over servers’ setup. It also demonstrates a level of expertise and resources which other VPN companies are lacking.

IPVanish Subscription options (Best Value):

  • 12 Month Plan: $4.87/month ($58.44 total cost)

The premium VPN service covers a wide range of the operating system, which includes Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, and detailed setup guides for Chromebooks, Linux, and other platforms.

Want to give IPVanish a try? Click HERE to visit the official website.

Other VPN providers offer similar service like restriction on their users. Often, they allow two or a few concurrent connections. In most cases, only the account owner gives access to multiple connections.

The case is different for IPVanish; it supports up to ten concurrent connections. All users can also have access to their account. An entire household can use a single account, potentially saving you a lot of money.

After a successful connection of the IPVanish Android app, a specified app can open easily upon a convenient touch. IPVanish welcomes you to the world of enhanced privacy with optimized iOS auto-connect, added locations and servers, and, Hindi and Russian 24/7 support for the Windows client.

Plans and Pricing

IPVanish offers three basic packages:

  • $10.00 per month – billed monthly
  • $8.99 per month – billed quarterly
  • $6.49 per month – billed yearly (best value)

These are decent prices for amazing features you’ll be getting for the basic plans. You may find better deals if you opt for a more extended package, say two years or more.

While other VPN companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, IPVanish offers only seven days money-back guarantee. Don’t blame them, quality speaks! Also, they have a vast testimony around their VPN network. Plus the industry leading live phone support round the clock.

The company accepts only PayPal and Card payment at the moment. The days of Bitcoin and other payment methods are gone. All plans are open, as you can see the sum of your billing frequency at a glance. If you’re unhappy with the service, even after using xGB of data, you still have the right to a full refund. You have the first seven days to test the service at max. Not happy? No worries, you’ll get a full refund.

Usenet and Internet Privacy

ipvanish trial freeThe highest priority of IPVanish is privacy because that’s the reason why they’re the market leader. IPVanish provides AES-256 encryption, L2TP, PPTP, and it supports highly secure protocols, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.

IPVanish apps give you a higher level of control over the setup off their OpenVPN. Choosing port 1194 or 443 on OpenVPN connects you to the internet. You can prevent access to your VPN in anti-VPN countries like Iran and China by using the “Obfuscate OpenVPN Traffic” option.

The Windows client has a DNS, kill switch and IPv6 leak protection to ensure your real identity is not exposed. While a drop in VPN connection might disclose your identity, these features make sure nobody sees you online.

vpn connectionIPVanish clarifies that Smartphones has a built-in kill switch. Go to System Settings > Wireless & Networks > More > VPN. Choose VPN App and enable “Block connections without a VPN.” Note, this feature is not “auto-enabled,” it requires that you enable it yourself. Also, the user must manage the settings separately from the VPN. While experts can easily manage the settings, it’s preferable to view and manage the kill switch within the VPN app.

There are additional privacy features that need observations. For example, the iOS app allows a user to create lists of wireless networks which IPVanish will always protect. IPVanish can ignore other network lists because they’re safe. Then, ensure the VPN is in the auto “On and Off.” That way, you’re preserving your privacy always.

To confirm that IPVanish protects your identity, check for leaks. Use any one of these leak tools: DNS Leak Test, IPleak and Do I Leak.

IPVanish and Logs

ipvanish vpnNavigate your browser to the official website of IPVanish where you’ll see their no-logging policy that says:

“We keep your identity under wraps with our strict zero-logs policy. When you connect to our app, none of your activity is recorded to preserve your common right to privacy.”

What matters to us is the big, bold claim in front of any website and the small print at the back. IPVanish bolds its zero-logs service in its privacy policy. Meaning, IPVanish doesn’t keep a record of your activity, connection, or traffic concerning their services.

Zero-Logging Case

StackPath is the current owner of IPVanish, and the company resides in Dallas, Texas (USA). IPVanish had logging issues in 2016 when it was still owned and managed by HighWinds Network Group. StackPath bought the company in February 2017 after the logging case.

In June 2018, the US Department of Homeland Security summonsed IPVanish on the user’s logging case of 2016. The logging issues include activities such as connection and disconnection times, and probably the use of specific protocols.

StackPath claims to know nothing about the case. The company declares further that, “IPVanish had not, do not, and will not store logs of our users. StackPath will always defend the user’s privacy, not considering who demands otherwise.”

Our conversation with a staff of IPVanish provides more assurances that StackPath has not and will never store users’ logs.

Honestly, we haven’t heard or seen such logging issues since the arrival of StackPath who runs and manages the company.


Knowing the actual performance of any VPN service might take a lot of time and hard work. Hence, we sacrificed the time and hard work by using different techniques and multiple tests to show what IPVanish can do.

The performance test begins with a custom benchmarking program which connects automatically from the UK to over 50 IPVanish servers. We ran a ping test for tendency issues, logged connection time, and we use a geo-location service to verify our new IP. Here, IPVanish shows that they stand by their promise.

We ran this test twice on more than 100 connections without a single connection failure. Whereas, we’ve seen approximately 10% failure rate with other VPN providers. Our experience with IPVanish and other users’ reviews has not shown any connection failure in recent times. With this result, we’re confident that IPVanish VPN service is more reliable than the so-called best!

From a series of VPN services we have used in the past, the connection time of IPVanish is superb. Most times, it connects in less than three seconds using test software. Other services connect at an average of five seconds, sometimes it takes longer. The bottom line here is that IPVanish VPN connects more quickly than all its competition!

Does IPVanish Work with Netflix?

Due to an enormous network capability of IPVanish, the tendency of accessing geo-blocked sites like Netflix is on a high chance.

To ensure the unblocking abilities of IPVanish, we logged into different servers using an automated testing tool. We logged into 10 US servers and 3 UK servers to see if we can access US YouTube, US Netflix, and BBC iPlayer.

We were able to watch geo-blocked YouTube clips, although that’s not a big deal – other VPNs do too. After testing further, the result was terrific, all IPVanish test servers grant access to US Netflix. In recent time, only IPVanish has such real achievement when Netflix’s effort is to block all VPNs.

There are many IPVanish reviews on the app store where users say it doesn’t work with Netflix. That’s easy to figure out. We only review what we have tested and confirmed to work for us. In case you’re unable to connect with Netflix, contact IPVanish via chat support for working locations. We did the same, and within a couple of minutes, we got working servers.

While no other VPN service guarantees access to Netflix, IPVanish proves to be better and delivers accurately.

Does IPVanish Work with Torrents?

IPVanish does not bold its P2P support on the front page of its website, yet it’s definitely on a page of the website. The page claims that IPVanish VPN is the fastest VPN for torrenting with 100 percent privacy. That means, there are no download limits, either by throttling connection speed or with a fixed data transfer.

Every user has no restriction on the choice of locations, which is unusual with most competitors. IPVanish allows P2P traffic on all its servers.

IPVanish has appealing extra in its SOCKS5 Proxy Server which gives access to an additional protocol that hides your IP address. The full support of P2P traffic ensures torrent download at maximum speed and as well as conceal your identity.

VPN Client Setup

IPVanish client is available for Mac, Windows, Fire TV, iOS, and Android. It has no browser extension, but there’s a setup guide on the support page for Firefox and Chrome. It also has tutorials covering Chromebooks, Linux, routers, and more.

The setup process is straightforward. Client installation for Mac and Windows is as simple as installing Android and iOS apps from their respective stores. IPVanish Android APK is a bonus for the experts who want more control of the setup process. IPVanish has twelve setup tutorials for different operating systems as well as separate guide covering OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP and IKeV2 setup on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The names of a file in other VPN starts with a country code. For example, NordVPN code goes as follows: “us.nordvpn.com.udp.ovpn” – poor practice if you want to mix files from another provider. In the above example, the region is not inclusive. In the case of IPVanish, its name leads and also includes the city in this format: “ipvanish-US-New-York-nyc-a01.ovpn.” The simple arrangement of the code makes it easier to read and use.

Windows Client

If you have used other VPN clients, you’ll discover they look similar in term of connecting/disconnect button, page settings, and list of locations. IPVanish is always different, stands taller than its competitors in features and functionality.

The window client has a “Quick Connect” panel that does the work of “On and Off.” It also has a location picker which allows a user to choose a country, specific location, or an individual server. There’s also a status panel which displays the protocol, server name, connection time, and data uploaded and downloaded. These are detailed features you can’t find elsewhere. The client also shows a beautiful UI of a real-time graph of your activities.

The settings dialogue offer more functionality beyond expectation. Users can switch protocols between PPTP, L2TP, and IKEv2 as well as OpenVPN UDP and TCP. Both IPv6 and DNS protections are available. The windows VPN performs excellently well using its lengthy feature list.

IPVanish VPN for Android

ipvanish free trialThe Android app client starts by simply clicking the “Quick Connect” screen. Then the screen shows your location and IP, target country list, city, and server. The connect button gets you online in no time.

While the default country is the US, you can always choose another destination if you’re not working with the default. Choose a country, a city within the country, or a particular server with few taps.

iOS App
The IPVanish iOS App also starts with the same “Quick Connect” screen as in Windows and Android clients. Also, the screen displays your location, IP address, VPN status, and choice of the target country, city, and server before you start the VPN connection. Wherever you are in the world, the default country is the US.

It has an enticing visual style, and location lists are in different columns. The ping and load times are also shown, helping you to know the best connection you need.

IPVanish Support

There are three categories of support on the IPVanish website; email, help section, and the 24/7 live chat support. Getting someone to help you out immediately is everyone’s desire, and that’s what IPVanish offers via live chat. It takes just 60 seconds to get a response from a customer support agent and proffer solution in a friendly and polite way.

Once your question is not misleading, you’ll always get an accurate response. As a new user, navigating around the VPN interface should not bother you. You have all the support you need with IPVanish.


  • Unblock Netflix
  • Zero logs
  • Strong encryptions
  • Good performance with many locations
  • Anonymous signup and payment
  • Very reliable
  • Split-tunneling support
  • Feature-packed Windows client


  • Doesn’t unblock iPlayer
  • No Bitcoin support
  • Final Verdict

In the world of VPN, IPVanish stands taller than its competitions. The distinguishing features are excellent speed, friendly-user interface, ten concurrent connections, zero traffic logs, anonymous torrenting, unlimited bandwidth, and more.

Don’t wait any further; it takes just seven days to decide. Try an IPVanish free trial today!