Free Usenet trial

There are many Usenet providers. Some offer a great service, while others offer a payserver that is absolutely useless. The best Usenet providers offer free Usenet for a certain amount of time. These providers give you the opportunity to try a payserver for free so you can see if their services are worth paying for.

Free Usenet?

Does free Usenet exist? If you wish to download text files, then you can access Usenet for free with nearly any email client. But, if you want to download binary files, you will need a payserver provider. As the word says, a payserver is a paid server. You need to pay a small fee on a monthly basis to download binaries. If you watch a lot of video’s, listen to audio files and need app’s and ebooks, a payserver can be most useful.
free usenet trial

The best free payserver providers

The best providers do not require you to pay for a month or year right away. They give you the possibility to use a payserver for free. It is a great way to find out if a provider offers a useful payserver or not. Luckily there are many great providers that offer a free trial. For some of them, you need to pay up front, with the guarantee that you will get a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied. Other providers just let you try their payservers without any form of payment up front.

Some of the best payserver trial offers

The best US payserver providers are usenetserver and newshosting. They offer great download speeds, a very high retention for a small monthly fee. And, it is possible to try usenetserver and newshosting for 14 days, without any risk.

Great European providers are eweka and usenext. They also offer a free trial. Eweka offers a free payserver for 1 week, usenext has a 2 week trial.

Free Usenet trial
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