Eweka is the leading Dutch-based Usenet provider, and it was founded in 2001. They have a reputation for
high-quality service, fast speeds, and affordable premium plans. Eweka’s head office is in Amsterdam,
where they run and manage their own data center. The Dutch-based Usenet provider has POP locations in
London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, and more, but no server in the US yet.

eweka discount

It owns and manages its routings, trans-Atlantic backbone, and even has a Local Internet Registry located at
RIPE. Besides, it has personal AS number, which is a unique identifier that represents an exclusive network
on the internet.

Price: €7,50 / Month
Retention: 3,278 Days
Free Trial: 7 Days (with Unlimited GB)
Features: Best EU Usenet Provider, fast speed, and lifetime discount.

Quick Facts about Eweka

  • Offer a special price for our visitors – €7,50/month instead of the regular price: €9,60/month (for Top-End
  • Our visitors save 22% when they purchase the Top-End plan. They also get free upgrade up to 300Mbps
    (instead of the usual 50Mbps).
  • Offer 256-bit SSL and unlimited downloads
  • Has only EU servers with 20 connections
  • Offer Newslazer which includes newsreader for searching, previewing, and downloading
  • Compatible with CouchPotato, Sonarr, and other popular Usenet automation apps
  • Offer 3,278 days of retention and still growing strong
  • xcellent customer support available in Dutch, English, French, and German

Binary Retention

Currently, the binary retention of Eweka is 3,278 days across 120,000+ newsgroups. They keep growing
their retention every day, and they’re the leader in binary retention overall EU Usenet providers. They offer
99.5% completion, which shows the service is reliable.

Eweka offers two plans, as seen below:

  • 50 Mbit – €7,50 per month
  • 300 Mbit – €9,60 per month

These plans vary according to download speed. Each plan has 3,278 days of a binary operation, and all the
plans are unlimited. If you sign up today, you’ll take advantage of the 300 Mbit plan at the rate of €7,50 per

Eweka Free Trial

eweka trialEweka offers a one-week free trial with unlimited free downloads. You can maximize the full potential of the one-week free trial if you sign up with us today. Interestingly, no payment information is required during
this one week. Click sign up now to start flexing with Eweka.

Special Offers
You’re eligible for Eweka special offer because you’re reading this post. You have a simple step to take, just click on the Sign-Up button, and you’re good to go. Upon registration, you’ll receive one-week free trial
with unlimited downloads.

Also, you’ll enjoy a 300 Mbit plan at the price of 50 Mbit plan. While Eweka also offers a King’s Day Deal at €5,00 per month, you can get notification of these offers and more when
you subscribe to our newsletter.

Download Speed
Our speed is capped at 50 Mbps, which is below Ewekas’. All account holders enjoy unlimited Usenet
downloads up to 50 Mbps. You have the option to set up your account to 300 Mbit. Note, our readers
upgrade for free, you too can join them today. Considering a speed that is fast and reliable without a cap,
then, Eweka is worth giving a shot!

All Eweka plans are limited to 8 connections. Beware of providers who offer 20+ and 50+ connections, a
large number of connections don’t mean faster speed. Providers only tweak connections for marketing
purposes. All you need is enough connection to max your ISP allowance. This Dutch Usenet provider can
max 50 to 300 Mbps with 8 connections at once.

Eweka News Servers, Configuration and Ports

You can connect with Eweka through its NNTP server address: news.eweka.nl using one of the following
ports: 563(SSL), 443(SSL), and 119(None SSL). Additional server information of Eweka includes
newsreader.eweka.nl for reading text and upload.eweka.nl for posting text to newsgroups. Also, Eweka
supports IPv6.

Eweka’s FAQs

  • What package should I choose? Sign up for Eweka’s special offer meant for our visitors – €7,50/month
    for an unlimited plan.
  • How can I upgrade/extend my package? Simply log in to your web UI and click “Upgrade/Extend.”
    Then choose the package you want and make your payment. Your account will be extended in a few
    minutes. You can also upgrade your account in the middle of your subscription.
  • What is the meaning of a 502 error? A 502 error can mean two things – access denied to a node or a
    maximum number of concurrent connections reached. Access denied to your node means you have supplied
    an incorrect username or password (or both). And, entering a maximum number of concurrent connections
    refers to the number of NNTP connection permitted in your plan. You’re restricted to 20 connections in your
    account which exceed the amount of connection needed for any newsreader. Only use 8 connections for max
  • Does yearly subscription offer discounts? Signing up from one of our links will allow you to take
    advantage of Eweka’s annual subscription plan.
  • Does a new account include newsreader? Yes, Eweka accounts come with a newsreader.
  • What newsreader is available? All Eweka plans include a free newsreader called NewsLazer.
  • Is there any VPN service included in Eweka’s plans? Unfortunately not! Eweka does not include VPN
    in all its pricing plans, but you can check out Tweaknews or/and Newshosting for added VPN service.
  • How can I use Usenet to search for content? Usenet providers of which Eweka is one has a search bar to
    search for contents.
  • Does Eweka have any special offer? Eweka has fantastic offers for you, especially our visitors who take
    the time to read our reviews. You can have access to Eweka’s occasional offers, bookmark our site and
    subscribe to our newsletter. That way, you will get all notification concerning Eweka’s special offers.
  • Does Eweka accept PayPal payment? It’s a YES for PayPal. It also has different payment methods for
    the EU and international residents. The payment methods include Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer,
    PayPal, iDeal, and SMS.
  • Eweka is worth checking out, it cost you nothing to sign up for a free trial account with premium benefits.
    Give it a shot today!