Best Usenet Providers of 2019

It’s no doubt that you are still unsure about perfect Usenet providers. As you have finally come here, you’ll be satisfied for sure. We have prepared a fine list of select Usenet services based on their performance, reliability, retention, pricing, extra features and support. You are suggested to stay updated with us, as we refresh our list based on some expanded our new features and quality update.

We heartedly thank Eweka, UsenetServer, TweakNews and Newshosting for the service and pricing they offer to our visitors. We not only are providing a sufficient review about the Usenet services, you will get a discounted offering as well.


1. UsenetServer Unlimited Usenet + VPN starting from just $7.95 per month

usenetserver discountUsenetServer is just about value and quality. Newshosting offers to the users a newsreader software which is the only apparent difference with this one. News servers are hosted in the US and Europe for supporting speedy connections. VPN access can also be added by the UNS members. The UNS team offers a discount to our guests. $7.95 a month is all you pay to enjoy unlimited Usenet as well as VPN.

UsenetServer is a leading Usenet provider offering great services at a reasonable price. An amount of $95 for a year sounds fair for VPN and is probably the best in Usenet. You get high retention along with excellent speed from this service. You will also get good support whenever needed. VPN addition allows protection of privacy of users and access to content in different countries.

UNS members along with VPN are able to connect to servers in 17 countries which includes the US and UK. It gets amazingly easy to access channels just as a local resident. It makes the service great for watching online services like BBC iPlayer, HBO NOW, Hulu and the most lovable Netflix. $7.95, our discounted price, for a month does not sound much to enjoy an unlimited Usenet and VPN.


2. Newshosting Unlimited Usenet + VPN starting from just $8.33 per month

newshosting freeNewshosting has somehow managed to be the “Best Usenet of 2019” which is based on the service level and features they offer at a price like that. The members get unlimited access to news servers not only in the US but also in Europe. The Newshosting client can be used to search for preview, content and also download from any of your favorite newsgroups. It also provides a feature which allows the users to schedule searches so as to grab content when it gets to hit Usenet. Our visitors get a discount by Newshosting. You will need to pay an amount of $8.33 for a month to enjoy unlimited Usenet and VPN access.

The best binary retention

Newshosting is given the respect for a number of reasons. The starters are offered a very high binary retention. Newshosting spools retention on a daily basis for several years with no visible end. They have placed the Usenet servers in strategic locations in Europe and the US to allow a very fast connections to a huge number of users. You can even expect a quality technical support when signed up to them. Newshosting members is highly recommended by the users to their family and friends for the satisfaction they get being their member.

Newshosting has continued to evolve. They continued even after offering access to newsgroups. Newshosting even has developed their Usenet client software along with a built-in search feature. The good part is that it comes free for all members. While preferring for a web-based client SABnzbd can be easily used. Newshosting is now offering VPN access also. For those signing up to our annual special, unlimited VPN gets completely free of charge. Enjoying unlimited Usenet and VPN costs only $8.33 for a month only with discount you get through us.


3. Easynews Unlimited NNTP + 150 GB web access at just $9.99 for a month

easynews usenet trialWe highly recommend Easynews for those who are new to Usenet. It is so because they are the only apparent service which offers a web Usenet interface fully featured. It is easy to search for preview, content, and download from their site directly. You will not be needed setting up a newsreader as their user. Adding to this, for those preferring another client for some purpose, they offer an NNTP access too.

Search, preview and download

Though their NNTP service is quite good, I would like recommending the web interface, for some reasons, to the users of Easynews. The interface is very simple to be used. You will not see any software installing or utilities setting up. What you simply do is, go to the Easynews website, log in and start searching for whatever you like. There are a number of interesting filtering options available as well. You can even preview any audio or video file directly on there. You can also view images there at the web interface and prepare a queue of files to be downloaded. Their name is like that for the reason and the service they provide.

Easynews trial and promotions

There are a number of different plans available for your selection based upon your requirements starting from $9.98 for a download of 20 GB in a month. The next plan offers 40 GB of downloads for $14.97 for a month. If your requirements are not fulfilled yet, a 150GB along with unlimited NNTP access is available for $29.94 for a month. Currently Easynews is running promotions where you get to enjoy 150 GB with unlimited NNTP access only for $9.99 per month but for the first 3 months of subscription which should not be missed. You also get adding up unlimited NNTP access also to the smaller web plan of your choice paying $9.95 for a month. It also offers a trial of 14 days to the new users to check what they are going to pay for.


4. TweakNews Unlimited Usenet + VPN starting at just €7.50 for a month.

tweaknews trialWe have ranked TweakNews the highest Dutch Usenet provider in the list we prepared. If you are somewhere in Europe or you want the service to be in the region, TweakNews is the perfect. This Usenet service offers not only a higher retention, but also excellent reliability and fast download speeds. It will be harder for you to find a Usenet provider offering a good completion rate. Adding to unlimited Usenet access being offered, TweakNews members also get access to their newsreader software for free along with zero-log VPN service.

TweakNews newsreader and search engine

As the North American Usenet lovers over the last few years, for fills, turned to European providers, TweakNews gained more popularity during this. TweakNews has got competitive recently all the way around. A newsreader with built in search engine has also been added. Addition of free VPN forwarded TweakNews as a better choice.

Free VPN access

VPN has no necessity for downloads from newsgroups, for online privacy it is must when browsing the internet or using some other applications. Up to 40 connections can be used but we recommend using the minimum number so as to reach the desired download speed. You can subscribe for unlimited and fast Usenet + VPN access starting from just €7.50 for a month.


5. Eweka- Unlimited Usenet and speeds up to 300 Mbps at just €7.00 per month

eweka usenet trialEweka is well known for accessing quality newsgroups. While Tweaknews can be said to be our favorite provider for the European servers, Eweka has an advantage of a bit higher retention. Moreover, the retention they offer is straight in line with UsenetServer and Newshosting. Eweka is almost the only Dutch Usenet renowned company that offers a retention like that. So if you are looking for a Dutch service along with the best retention, Eweka is going to be the best choice you have got.

No extra’s, just a great newsserver

Eweka will offer you Usenet-only service which means you will be needed to provide a newsreader software with search capabilities of your own. NZBGet or SABnzbd is highly recommended. Both of these are free and open-source clients linking up to the best NZB websites better supporting popular automation tools.  Sonarr, Sickbeard, and CouchPotato. If that does not satisfy you then we suggest to go with Tweaknews as it includes search functions and a newsreader. For experienced Usenet users, Eweka is going to be a better match.

VPN not required but handy

We also recommend connecting to a VPN service for a better online privacy. You will not need it while downloading from providers on our “best Usenet” list like Eweka because it has a support for SSL connections. Usenet clients can easily be set to connect using SSL. This will help you encrypt your connections on their NNTP servers. Furthermore, while signing up through our special Eweka deal, you will be offered an upgrade for free by the Eweka team kindly. This upgrade will include 300 Mbps high-speed downloads along with up to 20 connections. So, you can subscribe to them by signing up for an unlimited Usenet at good speeds as high as 300 Mbps in just €7.00 for a month.

5 Tips For A Better Comparison Of Usenet Providers

It is necessary to compare the different options available for the product or service we are looking for, to get the best that suits us. We all do this, but to do this correctly we need a proper guidance. We are helping you decide a better Usenet provider by a systematic method of comparison discussed below.

Speed & Reliability

: While selecting a good Usenet provider performance is the first thing we look for. Speed is everything. Ensuring the best performance can be done with a few steps. Connect to any news reader for testing. Choose a nearby location. Use of the minimum number of connections is also suggested while downloading for a better speed.
Pro tip: Consider testing the speed at different times of the day of your Usenet provider throughout the week of trial. Services like Astraweb slow down during the popular times and the difference creates a margin. Testing the servers on those timing gets a must when looking for a totally stable provider.

Usenet client & search engine

: It is another necessary factor worth considering while choosing a better Usenet provider. If you are new to this then Easynews will be the best to go for because a web-based Usenet interface will ease your starting experience. Your choice of web browser will be required to access to the service. You can even sign up to services that provide their own Usenet client as well as search features. Newshosting, Giganews and Tweaknews do this. UseNetServer is known to be offering a UNS Global Search feature right through their website. You can even use a third party client as an alternative like Newsbin, SABnzbd, NewsLeecher or NZBGet.
Pro tip: try Tweaknews for accessing the Dutch services and Newshoting for accessing the US services. Both of these offer Usenet client along with built-in search engine for searching content, previewing, and downloading without additional softwares.

Retention & Completion

: For the industry, binary retention has been the focus in 2007, when we started NGR. When one month Usenet retention was offered by top providers, Giganews in 2009 touched 365 days of retention. The providers then started spooling and their retention is are now over 3,200 days. Completion comes to the next part of the equation. DMCA requests has mostly been confused with poor completion by some Usenet fans. You will like considering the DMCA policy of a Usenet provider because the process is quite different between the companies based in the United States (Easynews, Newshosting, and UNS) with those in The Netherlands (Eweka, Tweaknews).
Pro tip: For the best user experience a lot of Usenet geeks purchase access to one Usenet service in both regions.

Usenet & online privacy

: With the passing time, this topic has continuously gained gradual importance. However, the above listed services are trusted and do not log to your Usenet downloads. The question arising next is about the information necessary to sign up for Usenet access. Credit cards and Paypal is the common way of payment to most providers. There is not a single thing like illegal for any one of the Usenet services above in our list. The providers in the US are all large and renowned companies complying with the DMCA rules and regulations, thus, falling under safe and harboring protection. They can be surely trusted with closed eyes.
Pro tip: Though it is not that much of necessity, you can, however, connect to Usenet servers. The only basic requirement which gets necessary is encryption of your Usenet connections. It is highly recommended using a VPN service for other, important or not, online activities.


This word is enough to explain itself. There is, mostly, no need of overpaying
at all for Usenet access. Easynews and Giganews are brands that usually cost more amount than most other services. Should $30 be paid a month for a Usenet with extra features? That depends totally on you but Tweaknews or Newshosting sould be preferred with unlimited Usenet for search, client and free VPN at around $8-$10 for one month. While keeping everything I budget, try to maintain a quality service and not compromise much with your needs. Satisfaction is all that matters. So, be sure to test whatever you are going to pay for.